List daily use vocabulary words with meaning- 56 to 58

List daily use vocabulary words with meaning

List daily use vocabulary words with meaning

यहां पर प्रतिदिन लगभग 4000 वर्ड मीनिंग का कलेक्शन बनाया गया है। अंग्रेजी पढ़ने में या जैसे दैनिक दिनचर्या में किसी भी बात को कहने सुनने के लिए हमें जैसे न्यूज़ पेपर पढ़ने न्यूज़ चैनल देखने मैच का कमेंट्री सुनने या फिर कोई  एग्जाम  की तैयारी करने के लिए कम से कम हमारे पास 4000 अंग्रेजी के शब्दों का ज्ञान होना आवश्यक है।

इसी को ध्यान में रखकर English word meaning का 60 set बनाया गया है।जिसके सहायता से आप अपनी  spoken and readingइंग्लिश  boost कर सकते हैं।

daily use vocabulary – 56 

Pungent (पन्जेन्ट) A – तीखा।

E.g. – The pungent smell of burning rubber.

Hotchpotch (हॉचपाँच)N – गड़बर झाला, गोल मोल।

E.g.:-A hotchpotch of ideas.

Agony (ऐगनि) N – पीड़ा।

E.g.:-She lay on bed in agony.

Ecstasy (एक्स्टे सि) N- अति आनंद।

E.g.:-She danced about in ecstasy.

Precise (प्रिसाइस) A – निश्चित, यथार्थ,सही।

E.g.:-Can you give a more precise definition of the word.

Renounce (रिनाउन्स) V – त्यागना।

E.g. :-To renounce your citizenship

Temperament (टेम्पर्मट) N – स्वभाव, प्रवत्ति।

E.g.-A horse with an excellent temperament.

Tunnel (ट्नल) N – सुरंग।

E.g.:-Train went to the tunnel.

Curious (क्यूरीअस) A – उत्सुक, इच्छुक ।

Eg :-I was curious about his life in India. 

Counselor (काउन्सलर) N- सलाहकार।

E.g.:-A marriage guidance counselor

Ridiculous (रिडिक्यूलस) A – हास्यपद।

E.g. – Don’t be ridiculous you can’t pay for a T shirt. 


Represent (रेप्रिजेंट) V- प्रतिबिंदित करना।

E.g. – This painting represents a spring.

Least (लीस्ट) Pron – न्यूनतम। E.g. – She earns the least money of all of us. 

Elegant (एलिगन्ट) N – स्वच्छता।

E.g. – She was elegant to her finger tips

Scatter (स्कैटर) V – तितर बितर करना, बिखर जाना।

E.g. -The scattered his ashes at sea.

Excise (एक्साइज) N- उत्पादन शुल्क।

E.g. – A sharp increase in vehicle excise.

Slash (स्लैश) V- बहुत ज्यादा कटौती करना।

E.g. – She tried to kill herself by slashing her wrists.

Intervene (इन्टरवीन) V- हस्तक्षेप, विघ्न।

E.g. – The president intervened personally in the crisis.

Logical (लॉजिकल) N – तार्किक ।

E.g. – A logical mind.

Renal (रीनल) A – गुर्दा संबंधी।

E.g. – Renal Surgery can be very painful.

Ventilator (वेन्टीलेटर) N – रोशनदान।

E.g. – He was put on a ventilator.


Pledge (प्लेज) N- प्रतिबंध।

E.g. – That year take pledge to help people. 

Acquire (एक्वायर) V – उपलब्ध कराना

E.g. – He acquire money

Unawares (अनवेअर्स) A- अनजाने में, अचानक ।

E.g. – She was unaware that I could see her.

Drench (ड्रेन्च) V- पूरी तरह भिगो देना।

E.g. – His face was drenched with sweat.

Concede (कन्सीड) V – मान लेना।

E.g. – He was forced to concede (that) there might be difficulties.

Dent (डेन्ट) N- खांच, खरोच।

E.g. – The lawyers’ fees will make a dent in our finances.

Poke (पोक) V – ढकेलना।

E.g. – She poked her elbow into his ribs.

Meanwhile (मीन व्हाइल)- इस बीच में।

E.g. – I hope to go to medical school eventually in the meanwhile; I am going to study chemistry. 

daily use vocabulary words with hindi meaning – 57 

Resembled (रिजेम्बल्ड) V – के समान, सदृश होना, अनुकरण करना।

E.g. – So many hotels resemble each other.

Incredible (इनक्रेडबल) A- अविश्वसनीय। 

E.g. – An incredible speed

Bearer (बेअरर) N – संदेश वाहक, वहन करने वाला।

E.g. – I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Likewise (लाइकवाइज) A – उसी तरह।

E.g.:-Her second marriage was like wise unhappy.

Damn (डैम) V- ईश्वर द्वारा) नरक भोगने का दंड दिया जाना, चिरदंड, श्राप देना, दोष देना।

E.g.:-Damn this machine! Why won’t it work?

Patrimony (पैट्रिमनि) N – बपौती।

E.g. – Court will decide who will be given patrimony.

Dodge (डॉज) V – चालबाजी करना।

E.g. – He ran across the road dodging the traffic.

Investor (इनवेस्टर) N- व्यापार में पैसा लगाने वाला।

E.g. -Institutional investor.

Contention (कन्टेन्शन) N – संघर्ष, स्पर्धा।

E.g. – One area of contention is the availability of nursery care. 

Merge (मज) V- विलीन होना, एक होना।

E.g. – His department will merge with mine.


Lawmaker (लॉ मेकर)N- कानून बनाने वाला।

E.g. – He is the main lawmaker

Bandits (बैनडीट्स) N – चोर, डाकू।

E.g. – The bandits were hooded. 

Severely (सिविअरली) A- कठोरता से।

E.g. – Any one breaking the law will be severely punished.

Thrash (थैश) V-पीटना।

E.g. – Someone was thrashing around in the water obviously in trouble.

Existence (इजिस्टन्स) N – सत्ता, जीवन,असतित्व।

E.g. – Pakistan came into existence as an independent country after the war.

Capacity (कपैसटि) N – क्षमता, शक्ति।

E.g. – A fuel tank with a capacity of 50 liters.

Reflex (रिफलैक्स) V – प्रतिबिंब, छाया।

E.g. – Almost as a reflex action I grab my pen as th phone rings. 

Visible (विजिबल) N – दृष्टिगोचर ।

E.g. – She made a visible effort to control her anger.

Offender (अफेन्डर) N-दोषी, मल्जिम।

E.g. – When it comes to pollution, the chemical industry is a major offender.

Immensely (इमेन्सली) A – अत्यधिक। 

E.g. – We enjoyed ourselves immensely.


Armory (आरमरी) N- शस्त्रागार।

E.g. – Doctors have an armory of drugs available.

Task(टॉस्क) N – काम, कर्तव्य।

E.g. – Our first task is to set up a communication system. 

Outbreak (आउट ब्रेक) N – बीमारी।

E.g. – Out breaks of rain are expected in the afternoon.

Initiative (इनिशटिव) N- आत्मबल, उपक्रम, प्रयास।

E.g. – A government initiative to combat unemployment.

Amendment (अमेंडमेंट) V – संशोधन करना।

E.g..:-She made several minor amendments to her essay. 

daily use word meaning- 58 

Fortress (फोर्टरेस) N – बड़ा किला।

E.g. – Fear of terrorist attack has turned the conference center into a fortress. 

Mediocre (मीडीओकर्) A – साधारण, मध्यम।

E.g.:-I thought the play was only mediocre.

Abstainer (अबस्टेनअर) N – परहेज करने वाला, मद्यत्यागी।

E.g. -I like abstainers.

Contemplate (कान्ट मप्लेट्) V- मनन, आकांक्षा करना।

E.g. -Contemplate ones on navel.

Hull-abaloo (हल-अबलो) N- शोरगुल।

E.g. – They looked outside to find out what all the hullabaloo was about.

Parasite (पैरासाईट) N – परजीवी, चापलूस ।

E.g.:-Bacteria is a parasite

Consist (कंसिस्ट) V – मुख्य या एक्ल घटक के रुप में होना

E.g. – The beauty of the city consists in its magnificent buildings.

Hedge (हेज) V- घेरना, रक्षा करना।

E.g.:- We can hedge our garden.

Pervade (परवेड) V-सब जगह फैलाना।

E.g.:-The smell of flowers pervaded our garden. 

Ally (अलाई) V – जोड़ना, मैत्री करना।

E.g. – A firm ally.


Mortal (मॉर्टल) N- घातक।

E.g. – A mortal weapon was introduced in March.

Sadden (सैडन) V – उदास कर देना।

E.g. – It saddened her that people could be so cruel.

Solemnize (सेलमनाइज) V – संस्कार संपन्न करना।

E.g. – People should solemnize happy moments of life

Quota (क्वोटा) N – निर्धारित मात्रा, कोटा।

E.g. – A Quota system for accepting refugee.

Spare (स्पअर) V – बचाना, नष्ट होने से बचाना।

E.g. – We can only spare one room for you.

Oval (ओवल)N – अण्डाकार।

E.g. – An oval face.

Delegation (डेलिगेशन) N – प्रतिनिधि मडल।

E.g. – A delegation of teachers.

Scape Goat (स्केप गॉट) N-बली का बकरा।

E.g. – She felt she had been made a scape goat for her boss’s incompetence. 

Hook (हूक) V – पकड़ना, हुक से फंसाना।

E.g. – A dress that hooks at the back.

Keen (कीन)A – तेज, उत्साही, उत्सुक ।

E.g. – Deep was very keen to help.


Farewell (फेयर वेल) N- बिदाई।

E.g. -A farewell party.

Anonymous (अनॉनिमस) A- अनाम, अज्ञात (लेखक)।

E.g.:-The winner has asked to remains anonymous. 

Adversary (एडवर्सरी)A – शत्रु ।

E.g.:- His cld political adversary.

Crook (कुक) N- कुटिल व्यक्ति।

E.g.:-That salesman is a real crook.

Starve (स्टार्व) V – भूखा मरना।

E.g.:-Pictures of starving children. 

Withdrawal (वीदड्राल) N – वापसी।

E.g.:-US withdrawal from Vietnam.

Mediocre (मीडिओकर्) A- साधारण।

E.g. – You are glorifying a rather mediocre person.

Obdurate (ऑब्यूरेट) A- जिद्दी।

E.g. – Don’t be obdurate for going.

Logic (लॉजिक) N – तर्कशास्त्र, न्यायशास्त्र।

E.g. – The two part of the plan were governed by the same logic. 

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