Krafton video games:Krafton launches January 2023 update for New State Mobile: Check details here

Krafton launches January 2023 update for New State Mobile: Check details here

Krafton launches January 2023 update for New State Mobile: Check details here

Krafton has released its January update for New State Mobile, the popular battle royale game on iOS and Android. This month’s update aims to change the meta of the game, as a number of balance changes have been made to various weapons, vehicles, and the drone shop. Along with the balance changes, the January update brings Team Deathmatch (TDM) mode to the ARENA map, new models for Shooting Gallery and Siege Mode, a new Survivor Pass, and more. Also Read: HP Envy x360 15 Laptops Launched in India:

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First, the long-range damage of SMGs, ARs, and LMGs has been reduced to increase the viability of previously unpopular weapons. Secondly, the vehicles have been adapted to more accurately represent the characteristics of the vehicle. Vehicles like the Vrion, Electron, and UAZ have increased durability, while sedans now have increased speed, and motorcycles have increased stability for better handling. Also read: Vivo X90, X90 Pro will be launched in more markets next month

Finally, the cooldown of the Drone Store has been reduced; delivery speed increased; and the price of the items has been adjusted. These efforts should allow players to use a larger arsenal in various situational matchups and have a more positive experience in matches, the company said in a statement. Also Read: Apple Watch reportedly saved a woman’s life from pregnancy complications

Changes have been made to Shooting Range and bonus points for SR have been reduced from 800 to 500. Siege Mode, recently introduced to New State Labs with last month’s update, has seen further changes to models and gameplay. in addition to having reset the rankings. Krafton (CEO CH Kim) shared “Where Krafton is Heading in 2023” with employees on Krafton Live Talk (KLT), a program to foster internal communication. During the KLT session, CEO CH Kim said, “Our ultimate vision is to seek to secure and expand powerful gaming-based IPs.” He added, “To achieve this goal, now is the time to focus our capabilities on 2023.”

He went on to share the direction the company should focus on in 2023, emphasizing the need to 1) innovate and refocus organizational capabilities, 2) strengthen publishing capabilities and systems, and 3) continue to invest in the future. CEO CH Kim also noted that “publishing capabilities need to be strengthened to continuously build up a pipeline and secure a system so that more games have a chance to hit (on the market).” The message stated that KRAFTON will continue to launch a line of games and strengthen its production and publishing management system to drive growth in the global market.


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