Free Fire Advance Free Server – OB37 Update APK, OBB+data, size

Fire Advance Free Server – OB37 Update APK, OBB+data, size

Free Fire Advance Free Server – OB37 Update APK, OBB+data, size

Know the steps to download Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK, OBB+Data and Size of the game from here.

Android, iOS and iPad OS users can play comfortably on their respective smartphones to enjoy every stage! For more relevant information about Free Fire Advance Server, keep reading the article!

Fire Advance Free Server – OB37 APK Update

Overall 197, 717 and 300 players in India were counted as of April 2022. This data fluctuates continuously considering game updates, bugs, features and functionality. Most of the Android users are facing the space problem on their mobile devices while playing Free Fire. Despite this, many people have already downloaded the Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK file. In our article, Free Fire OB37 Update APK Download – Advance Server, we have covered the basic information about update versions, dates, codes that could be used to access the game, features and steps to download the latest version. Fire Advance OBB+Data Server

A FF update arrives every month from Garena. This can be time consuming for the players but it is also beneficial as the players will not have to experience slow loading issues etc. Officially, Free Fire Advance Server Update was released on 11/17/2022. By now, millions of gamers have already downloaded it. An OBB file consists of the important resources which are the files obtained from the FF game. It helps the game run smoothly on your smartphone. Audio, video, graphics, sound and other features are included in an OBB file. Therefore, it is important for gamers to download it. Android users will find it easier and more sophisticated to play with this latest update.

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Free Fire Advance Server Size

It is important to know the size of the file because later you will be able to free up space on your mobile to download it. Please note that if you are running out of storage space, you may have problems downloading the game. So, you should check the file size from the table below or the main portal to confirm whether you can download the OBB file or not.

APK download size


OBB file download size

539 megabytes

The gameplay and experience has already become smooth for the latest version of Free Fire. However, some more specific features are what we will discuss here.

How to Download Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK, OBB+Data? In our previous Free Fire OB37 Update APK Download article, we received many requests from players to prepare an article about OBB+Data. We know that OBB files are essential for download; otherwise the game will not display the requested progress. Therefore, we have discussed some of the steps below:

Step 1 Browse the Free Fire official website in your web browser

Step 2 Now, click on Free Fire Advance Server – OB37 Update APK OBB+Data Download

Step 3 Don’t get confused by the links, as older versions of the game may be available on the site.

Step 4 Click the “Download” button.

Step 5 The download process will begin. You’ll have to wait a bit. Step 6 Install the APK file and start playing

These were some of the convenient steps players can follow to get OBB files. Please note that your mobile device must have enough space to install the game. You can remove some useless apps or clear the cache to try the latest version of Free Fire! is the official website where players can get the latest version. If the version is not available, players will have to wait longer to get it. If you download files from an unknown source, there is a possibility of a data breach. Therefore, download the version safely only from the main portal!


If we count the number of players on average, it will be around 20 million and more! With this issue, you can see for yourself how popular the game is! The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) is currently taking place in which several players participate. The recent series will take place in Bangkok. To know more details, you need to browse the official FF website. Thank you for visiting NINI India! We are delighted that you have taken the time to browse our website. If you like this article about Free Fire, check out other articles about games, sports, entertainment and more to match your specific preferences!

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