TANAAV SEASON 1 REVIEW |Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL || 480p [150MB] || 720p [350MB] || 1080p [950MB]

Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL || 480p [150MB] || 720p [350MB] || 1080p [950MB] | TANAAV web series download filmyhit

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Download Tanaav Season 1 Hindi (Sony Liv Series) 720p, 480p. All episodes are available in 720p and 480p. There is only 1 season and it will debut in 2021. It has a total of 9 episodes. This is an action-drama-thriller series and is produced by Sony Liv. This series is available in Hindi. Download this series with the following download links.

Download Tanaav Season 1 Hindi  1080p, 720p & 480p – Sony Liv Series

Download Tanaav Season 1 Hindi

Series Info: TANAAV web series download filmyzilla 1080p

Full Name: Tanaav

Season: 1

Episodes: 9

Language: Hindi

Release Year: 2022

Size: 150MB & 350MB & 950MB

Quality:  480p, 720p & 1080p

Format: Mkv TANAAV web series download filmywap

The official synopsis of the series reads: “Set against the idyllic backdrop of Kashmir in the year 2017, Tanaav tells the story of a special unit, their courage and courage. Delving into the human drama behind ideologies, addressing complex emotions and flawed characters, who all share the same feelings of love, loss, betrayal, and revenge, Tanaav is a socio-political action drama with family at the center.

Tanaav is played by Manav Vij, Arbaaz Khan, Sumit Kaul, Rajat Kapoor, Shashank Arora, Zarina Wahab, Ekta Kaul, Waluscha De Sousa, Danish Hussain, Satyadeep Mishra, Sukhmani Sadana, Sahiba Bali, Amit Gaur, Arslan Goni, Rockey Raina, M.K. Raina, Sheen Dass and Aryaman Seth, among others.


STORY: Retired Special Task Group (STG) officer Kabir Farooqi (Manav Vij) is tied up by a top secret force official to identify a feared terrorist, Umar Riaz aka Panther (Sumit Kaul), who thought he was dead but is still alive. This triggers the intriguing cat-and-mouse game between him and the team, which forms the core of the story. 

REVIEW: Tanaav, the Indian adaptation of Sudhir Mishra, is as well written and intriguing as the internationally acclaimed Israeli original series Fauda, ​​created by Avi Issacharoff and Lior Raz, who worked in the Special Forces Task Force of Israel Defense (IDF) and was inspired by his real life experiences. The plot proceeds at a dizzying pace throughout the season. If you’ve seen the original series, you may find parallel plots and similarities of characters and sequences, but new audiences are sure to find it compelling. The only significant difference is that Fauda revolves around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, while this 12-part series focuses on the Kashmir issue. 

Set in Kashmir (2017), Kabir lives a secluded and peaceful life with his wife Nusrat (Sukhmani Sadana) and their two children after retiring from STG. But when he gets a chance to identify Umar Riaz aka Panther, he returns to the team to complete the unfinished mission. But things don’t go as planned and Panther escapes just as Kabir is about to capture the man. Thus begins a cat and mouse chase between the two.

The fact that Panther is alive and planning something big in Kashmir worries Kabir the most. Obsessed with finding and completing what he had started, he quickly plunges into an abyss and finds himself at a crossroads between his existence and the pursuit of the elusive terrorist. Will she be able to catch it? What is Umar’s grand plan and how does he intend to carry it out? These are just a few questions that guide Tanaav’s narrative.

 Sudhir Mishra, who co-directed this spy thriller with Sachin Mamta Krisn, sets the basic premises of the story before the drama takes center stage. Each episode ends on a cliffhanger, forcing you to watch the next one. The writing deftly ties up all the loose ends in the climax, leaving room for the next season. Close-ups are used wisely to capture the mental states of the characters. Most of the scenes, such as Umar’s first meeting with his brother Asif, Umar popularly known as Panther, the ambulance chases and the coffee explosion, are identical to the original series; however, if you haven’t seen it, Tanaav will definitely blow your mind. 

These proceedings introduce us to a myriad of new characters, all perfectly suited to the plot. Be it STG boss Vikrant (Arbaaz Khan) and his team members: Toshi (Sahiba Bali), Uday (Satyadeep Misra), Danish (Arryaman Seth), Kunal (Arslan Goni), Muneer (Amit Gaur) and Bilal (Rockey Raina ) — or Chief Mallik (Rajat Kapoor) of the Indian Intelligence Group (IIG), they all keep you interested in the story. On the opposite side of the group supporting Umar, his mother (played by Zarina Wahab), wife Zainab (Waluscha De Sousa), right-hand man Junaid (Shashank Arora), Mir Sahab (M K Raina), Idris (Mir Sarwar), and others have done a good job of illustrating the balance between people’s various ideologies.

 Manav Vij as main Kabir, is just flawless. Vij realistically portrays his character as a man on the brink of self-destruction. Sumit Kaul as Umar Riaz is compelling and does a great job of portraying her character’s ability to remain emotionally stable despite having suffered a great personal loss. He doesn’t look like the ruthless terrorist we usually see in movies and shows; instead, he is shown as a family man who simply follows the path he has chosen. Shashank Arora plays Junaid, the right arm and a person who protects Umar Riaz. But, as the series progresses, he begins to question his decisions and adds some intriguing twists.

 Arbaaz Khan has limited screen time but it makes his presence felt. Rajat Kapoor perfectly captures the essence of his character. Mallik’s way of interrogating, negotiating, and convincing people to provide more information and join his cause is commendable. 

Thanks to its well-etched characters, the female characters also look strong and are crucial to the storytelling. Waluscha De Sousa gave the best performance of her career as wives and families of terrorists. On the other hand, Sukhmani Sadana as the protagonist’s wife perfectly depicts how emotionally broken she is and how she needs a little support from her man. As a member of the STG unit, Sahiba Bali is formidable. Ekta Kaul convincingly plays Dr. Farah, who becomes the love interest of Junaid and Kabir. Zarina Wahab shines in a minor role but is underutilized in this show.

The aerial shots and drone views of Kashmir are simply stunning. Sachin Mamta Krisna’s photography adds to the impact of the drama. The dialogues add authenticity to the plot through perfect Kashmiri accents and some dialogues in native Kashmiri language Koshur. The change is correct. The pace of the show never slows down, even during the emotional scenes, and keeps the viewers engaged. However, these characters seem to spend a lot of screen time discussing their personal lives when they should be focusing on finding the terrorists.

All in all, Tanaav is the fierce presentation of the fictional story set in Kashmir. The performances and sheer intrigue of the story make it one of the most gripping spy thrillers in recent memory. 

P.S. Many dialogues between conversations are in Koshur (the common language used by Kashmiris). So, keep the subtitles on.


Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL

Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL

Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL

Download Tanaav 2022 (Season 1) Hindi {Sony Liv Series} WeB-DL || 480p [150MB] || 720p [350MB] || 1080p [950MB] |

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