Lost Bullet Review | Download Lost Bullet (2020) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) Msubs Web-Dl 480p [300MB] || 720p [850MB] || 1080p [2GB]

Download Lost Bullet (2020) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) Msubs Web-Dl 480p [300MB] || 720p [850MB] || 1080p [2GB]

Download Lost Bullet (2020) English audio film in 480p, 720p and 1080p. This is a Hollywood movie and is available in 720p, 480p and 1080p qualities.

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 Movie Info: 

Full Name: Lost Bullet (2020)

Language: Dual Audio (Hindi-English)

Subtitles: Yes (English & Other)

Size: 300MB, 850MB & 2GB

Quality: 480p, 720p & 1080p – WEB-DL

Format: Mkv

Storyline:A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops.

The first film in the Lost Bullet series centered on the element of a new life for its protagonist Lino. It was about her complicated relationship with his brother. Lost Bullet 2 (original title: Balle Perdue 2), now streaming on Netflix, talks about the aftermath of the death of his brother, in which Lino tries to avenge him, and the murder of his mentor. Directed by Guillaume Pierret, the screenplay for this action-packed sequel was co-written by him alongside lead actor, Alban Lenoir. While it packs a solid dose of adrenaline, it also highlights Lino’s turmoil as he finds a way to get his revenge.

 The film opens with Lino (Alban Lenoir) in hospital and his ex Julia (Stéfi Celma) sitting next to him. Tell what happened after he passed out. Areski (Nicolas Duvauchelle), who killed his mentor Charas (Ramzy Bedia), leaves his wife and child and escapes after the debacle. All military are looking for this bad cop. Marco (Sébastien Lalanne) (from the police, who helped Areski’s scheme with the mob) shot Lino’s brother Quentin (Rob Paradot) and killed him. When he asks if Marco has been arrested, Julia lies saying he escaped. They actually find him and take him into custody. 

 After being raised from the hospital, Lino follows Areski’s wife, Stella (Anne Serra). Tired of this one day, she tells him to stop. As he walks away, he is stopped by the police and Julia notices him living in ruins in her car. He tells him to stay away from Areski’s family, even if he expects him to come home. Some time later, when some people break into Stella’s house and try to steal things, Lino enters her and pushes them away, saving her from her theft. Later, he goes to see Charas’ red car, in which he was shot and killed. He decides to dye it blue. 

 The narrative shifts to a year later when he drives the same car (now in blue) with Julia at his side. French and Spanish policemen were following a car together. We come to understand that he is now part of the police force, a narcotics unit he runs with Julia. In the midst of police cars and motorcycles, you drive it at the speed of light and escape them all. At a certain point the criminal’s car overturns and everyone approaches him.

Spanish police officers convey their right to caught criminals as it happens on their soil. One of them, Álvaro (Diego Martín) was a friend of Charas, and seeing Lino driving his car, he has a friendly conversation with him. Both Álvaro and Lino hope to capture Areski and Marco and challenge each other. Meanwhile, a man named Youri (Quentin D’Hainaut), who stops in a suspicious place, is ordered to kill Lino within 48 hours. Lino, on the other hand, works to perfect the blades attached to his car, which will improve its performance in a peculiar way.

 While working on it, he gets a call from a woman who introduces herself as his mother’s caretaker. When he expresses regret that he hasn’t met her for a while, this woman shares an address to visit her. However, on the other hand, we see that she is a woman from Youri’s group, and it seems to be her plan to trap Lino into something bad. When she arrives at the place mentioned before, she finds Marco hiding there and they immediately start arguing. Meanwhile, Moss (Pascale Arbillot) from the police discovers that he is in this barn and sends the military and Julia to get him. When Julia arrives, Lino is already taking Marco back to the police station.

 There, he discovers that Marco is a free man thanks to Moss and others, who wanted him to stay alive. Lino has a hard time understanding that his brother’s killer is getting a fine for getting out of jail. Moss explains his connection with narcotics boss Alexander Resz, who wanted to use Lino to settle the score. Moss needs both Marco and Areski alive to convict Resz of his misdeeds. As Lino goes out to smoke to process this news, Youri and his people (who work for Resz) arrive at the headquarters to locate Marc. 

Just as they were leaving with him, Lino throws a bomb and starts fighting them. While managing to take Marco away, he now becomes a fugitive from the people of Resz and the police. At the exit he calls Álvaro to inform him of Marco’s capture and asks him to meet him to deliver him (to Marco). The police are still looking for Lino and when Julia follows him, she is involved in an accident. While he considers staying behind to help her, the other police cars force him to keep running. 

Later, Lino and Álvaro meet at the border where he delivers Marco in the hope that he will be convicted. He gets a call from Stella (with whom he is now in a relationship) to continue on his way. He says he trusts him, unlike Areski. As Álvaro drives off in another direction, the police find Lino’s car and start following him again. Eventually, Julia catches him and later learns that Resz’s people have set up a checkpoint, not the police. They try to stop Álvaro, but he drives his decoy vehicle and passes them. Despite their differences, Lino and Julia unite to fulfill their mission together.

 Along the way, Marco warns Álvaro of the people of Resz, that he would kill them all. Handing it over can save them. Their vehicles follow her truck, and between them, Julia finds a way forward. Meanwhile, Lino overtakes them and destroys each of their cars with his newly designed blades. One of the cars is hit so hard that it is thrown into the air and destroyed. As this happens, Julia manages to hit Álvaro’s truck to the point that the car loses its balance and starts rolling sideways. Marco gets out of the vehicle and she takes him to the car to bring him home safely. Lino follows her car, trying to snatch Marco from her.

However, his invention of superior blades backfires on him, leaving his vehicle wrecked. Seeing this, Julia stops driving and decides to go there to help him. At that moment, other policemen arrive and arrest him. That’s when Youri and the others take them by surprise and start shooting at them. During filming, Álvaro arrives on the scene and shoots Youri killing him. As this happens, Marco begins chasing Lino into a handcuffed police car at the bottom of the sea



Download Lost Bullet (2020) Dual Audio (Hindi-English) Msubs Web-Dl 480p [300MB] || 720p [850MB] || 1080p [2GB]

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