Daily Use Vocabulary Words(Set-48to50)

Daily Use Vocabulary Word

Daily Use Vocabulary Words

यहां पर प्रतिदिन लगभग 4000 वर्ड मीनिंग का कलेक्शन बनाया गया है। अंग्रेजी पढ़ने में या जैसे दैनिक दिनचर्या में किसी भी बात को कहने सुनने के लिए हमें जैसे न्यूज़ पेपर पढ़ने न्यूज़ चैनल देखने मैच का कमेंट्री सुनने या फिर कोई  एग्जाम  की तैयारी करने के लिए कम से कम हमारे पास 4000 अंग्रेजी के शब्दों का ज्ञान होना आवश्यक है।

इसी को ध्यान में रखकर English word meaning का 60 set बनाया गया है।जिसके सहायता से आप अपनी  spoken and readingइंग्लिश  boost कर सकते हैं।

Daily Use Vocabulary Words With Hindi Meaning List-48 

Refer (रिफर) V – खबर पहुंचाना।

Eg. – You know who I’m referring to.

Procurator (प्रक्यूअरेटर) N – प्रबंधक।

Eg – A new procurator has been appointed.

Intricate (ईनट्रीकेट) A – उलझाने वाला।

Eg – An intricate network of loyalties and relationships. 

Motto (मोटो) A – आदर्श ।

Eg. – Live and let live. That’s my motto.

Billion (विलियन) N – दस खरब की संख्या।

Eg. – The mail handles billions of items everyday.

Oddity (ऑडटि) A – विचित्र, विचित्र मनुष्य ।

Eg – I was puzzled by the oddity of her remark.

Zest (जेस्ट) A – जोश।

Eg. -The slight risk added zest to the experience.

Narrow (नरो) A – संकरा।

Eg. – There was only a narrow gap between the bed and the wall. 

Rude (रुड्)A – रूखा, अशिष्ट ।

Eg – The man was rude to us.

Bustle (बसल) V-जल्दी जल्दी काम करना ।

Eg. – The nurse bustled us out of the room.


Amenable (अमीनब्ल)A – सहज ही अनुकुल हो जाने वाला।

E.g.:-He seemed most amenable to my idea.

Indulge (इन्डल्ज) V- किसी (अवैध) कार्य में लिप्त होना। 

E.g.:-They went into town to indulge in some serious shopping

Nag(नाग) V- तंग करना ।

E.g.:- Her mother keeps nagging her to study

Stock (स्टॉक)N – सामग्री।

Eg. – We are expecting some new stock in this afternoon.

Slacker (स्लैकर) N – कामचोर।

Eg. – You are a slacker.

Homage (हॉमिज्) N – श्रद्धांजली।

Eg. – Director paid homage to the actress who died yesterday.

Beetroot (बीटरूट)N – चुकंदर, लाल शलजम ।

E.g.:-Beetroot should be used in salad.

Knick-knack (निक नैक) N – दिखाऊ, गहना।

Eg.-Now a days knick-knack are very popular among the ladies.. 

Magnate (मैग्नेट) N – प्रभावशाली व्यक्ति।

E.g.:-A medic/property/ shipping magnate..

Proceed (प्रोसीड) V – कार्य करना।

E.g.:-Work is proceeding slowly.


Spontaneous(स्पॉन्टेनियस) A – अचानक स।

E.g.:-The bleeding often stops spontaneously.

Rapid (रैपिड) A- तीव्र गति से।

E.g.:-Thepatient made a rapid recovery.

Consequent (कान्सिक्वंट)A – परिणाम।

Eg-The responsibilities consequent upon the arrival of a new child. 

Exempt (इगजेम्प्ट) N- करमुक्त, भारमुक्ता

E.g.:-The interest on the money is exempt from tax.

Downfall (डाऊनफॉल)N – नाश , बरबादी।

E.g.:-Greed was her downfall.

Treaty (ट्रिटी) N – संधि, संधि पत्र ।

E.g.:-A peace treaty.

Sanctuary (सेन्क्चुरी) N – देवालय, पवित्र स्थान।

E.g.:-In sanctuary people worship God 


Daily use vocabulary- 49 

Snatch (स्नैच) V- झपटना।

E.g.:- The cat snatched at the butter flies.

Avail (अवेल) V- सहायता देना।

E.g.:-Guests are encouraged to avail themselves of the full range of hotel facilities.

Adore (अडॉर) V- बहुत प्यार और आदर देना , बहुत पसंद करना। 

E.g.:-/ simply adore chocolates.

Adulation (ऐडलेशन) N – खुशामद, चाटुकरी।

E.g.:-Sycophants are experts in adulation

Gauge (गेज) N – मानक माप, आकार या विस्तार।

E.g.:-How gauge of wire do we need?

Merger (मर्जर) N – विलय।

E.g.:-Our proposed merger with the university.

Explosion (एक्सप्लोजन) N – विस्फोट, धडाका।

E.g.:-300 people were injured in the explosion.

Auditorium (ऑडिटॉरिअम्) N – समामंडप, सभाभवन।

E.g.:-Sound is reflected in this auditorium.

Somewhat (सम व्हाट)A – कुछ कुछ, किंचित, थोड़ा।

E.g.:-We were somewhat disappointed.

Conflict (कॉनफ्लिक्ट) N – झगड़ा, युद्ध, विरोध ।

E.g.:-John often comes into conflict with his boss.


Spot (स्पॉट) N – स्थान।

E.g.:-Which has spots the leopard or the tiger.

Alias (एलिआस) N -उपनाम (उर्फ)।

E.g.:-He checked into the hotel under an alias.

Abscond (अॅब्सकान्ड) V – चुपके से भाग जाना।

Eg.-He absconded with the company funds.

Comprise (कम्प्राइज) V – सम्मिलित करना, मिलाना।

E.g.:-Older people comprise a large proportion of these living in poverty.

Declaration (डिक्लेअरेशन) – भाषण , घोषणा।

E.g.:-The declaration of independence.

Prevention (प्रिवेन्शन) N – प्रतिबंध ।

E.g.:-The prevention of disease.

Aware (अवेअर) A- सावधान।

E.g.:-Were you aware that something was wrong?

Concord (कॉनकार्ड) A – एकता, संयोग।

E.g.:-Living in concord with neighboring states.

Pulsate (पलसेट) V – कड़कना, कांपना।

Eg-Lights were pulsating in the sky.

By virtue of (बाय वर्चुयु) Pre. – के परिणाम स्वरूप । 

E.g.:-By the virtue of God I got a baby


Maintain (मेन्टेन) V – कायम रखना, चालु रखना।

E.g.:-The two countries have always maintained close relations.

Supposed (सपोज्ड) A कल्पित, माना हुआ किंतु सच नहीं।

E.g.:-I had supposed that his wife a younger women.

Assets (एसेट्स) N – संपत्ति, संपदा।

E.g.:-Her assets include shares in the company and a house in France.

Lewd (ल्युड) A- अश्लील।

E.g.:-Lewd whisperings of a dirty old men.

Leprosy (लेपरेसि) N- कुष्ट रोग।

Eg.-His body was deformed by leprosy.

Overdose (ओवर डोस) N – ज्यादा मात्रा।

E.g.:-She took a massive overdose of sleeping pills.

Priority (प्रिइओरटी) N – अग्रता, अधिक महत्वपूर्ण ।

Eg. – Education is a top priority.

Obligatory ( अब्लिगटॉरी / अब्लिगटोरी ) A अनिवार्य ।

E.g.:- Use of seat belts in cars is obligatory in metro cities. 


Roj bole jane wale english words with hindi meaning – 50 

Maiden (मेन) – पहला भाषण।

E.g.:- She goes by her maiden name again.

Occur (अकर)- घटित होना।

E.g.:- Nothing occurred that seemed important.

Clash (क्लैश) N – संघर्ष, टक्कर।

E.g.:- Two metros clashed.

Obtain (अब्टेन्) V – प्राप्त करना, पाना।

E.g.:-I finally managed to obtain a copy of the report.

Oblige (आब्लाइज्) V प्रतिज्ञा द्वारा किसी को किसी कार्य के लिए प्रतिबद्ध करना।

Eg. – No law can oblige children to take care of their aged parents.

Ensure (इनशुअर) V-निश्चित करना, पक्का करना।

Eg – Ensure that it is delivered.

Out skirts (आऊट स्कर्टस) N – सीमा, हद ।

Eg. – They live on the outskirts of Milan.

Cater (केटर) V – भोजन या खान पान देना।

Eg – Who will be catering the wedding?

Immigrant (इमिग्रेट) V – अप्रवास, आकर बस जाना। 

Eg. -India is facing problem Bangladesh immigrant.

Breach (ब्रीच) V-नियमभंग, किसी समझौते को तोड़ना।

Eg. – The government is accused of breaching the terms of the treaty. 

Predetermine (प्रिडिटरमाइन) V- पहले से निर्णय लेना।

Eg. – At a predetermined time.

Crude (क्रुड)A – कच्चा।

Eg. -A crude drawing of a face.

Clique (क्लीक) N – समूह या दल |

Eg. – A special clique was appointed. 

Regal (रिगल)- राजकीय।

Eg. – The regal splendor of the place.

Preside (प्रिसाइड) V- सभा की अध्यक्षता करना, व्यापारिक अनुष्ठान का संचालन करना।

E.g.:-The head boy will preside at the student council.

Lead (लीड) V – आगे जाना, आगे रहना।

E.g.:-They were leading by 11 points at half time.

Ceremony (सेरमनि)N – समारोह, अनुष्ठान।

E.g.:-Please don’t stand on ceremony with me.

Threaten (थ्रेटन) V धमकी देना, धमकी से प्रभावित करना।

E.g.:-They broke my windows and threatened me.

Stipulate (स्टिम्युलेट) V – आवश्यक शर्त के रूप में प्रकट करना, निर्देशित करना।

E.g. :-A delivery date is stipulated in the contract. 

Liberated (लिबरेटेड)N- स्वतंत्र, मुक्त

E.g.:-A liberated woman.

Limpid (लिम्पिड) A- स्वच्छ ।

E.g.:- The comic is limpid incisive and often very funny 

Lime (लाइम) -फंसाना

E.g.:- The director has limned every character to the hilt 

Evolve (इवाल्व) V- विकास करना।

Eg. – The company has evolved into a major chemical manufacturer.

Interrupt (इन्टरप्ट) V- विध्न उत्पन्न करना, रोकना। 

Eg. – Would you mind not interrupting all the time?

Excessive (एक्सेसिव) A- ज्यादा।

Eg – The amount she borrowed were not excessive.

Abridge (अब्रिज) V- छोटा करना, कांट छांट करना ।

E.g.:- The book was abridged for children.

Span (स्पैन) N- विस्तार, फैलाव !

E.g.:- The arch has a span of 50 meters!

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